It’s clear that Lucasthe young tiktoker of the new edition of Chef It is the biggest generator of controversy in publishing. We had already verified, in recent weeks, that little by little, he was winning more and more haters who did not support his character or his behavior in the series.

However, week after week it was saved, between choreography and choreography and there it continues. Even starred in an ice cream robbery that got a lot of commentarybut no penalties for him.

This week, after the outdoor test in Andorra, Louis, Path, THANKS, George Jean, David, Sergio, Jeremy, fight, Marcos y Lucasthey had to face several kitchen tests that had honey as an essential ingredient.

Before starting, Marta saved Camino who was spared the elimination test. The rest had to cook wings with honey mustard sauce in just 20 minutes. Luca and Jorge Juan managed to take the victory, which did not suit Jotha.

If I’m down, I’ll be crazy, no, the following“, he commented from the gallery. Words that reached the ears of the jury who asked him what was going on.

Jhota vs Jury

“It seems unfair to me that he was saved and that if he was down and it was them I would find it humiliating to be there because it was saved there. It seems to me that several have cooked better than Luca, for example, Fray, Merche”, he exposed without any filter.

“Come do the tasting with us. Next time I’ll ask you who you think will come up or not,” he replied. Pepe Rodriguez.

“That strikes me as a rather bold disrespect. To us, who have tried them, who are a few years older than you, when you say “this is unfair” and there is a jury here, and on top of that, when you say “this is humiliating”, this is where I get angry. You are 20 meters away and you haven’t tried them, ”he added Jordi Cruz.

The fact is that Luca went up to the gallery. “He thinks I’m a tiktoker and since I’ve been into social media, I can’t know the kitchen. But, who are you to judge that? I don’t know, it makes me angry“, he reflected in front of the cameras.

The public is positioned, mainly, on the side of Jhota and they speak tongo and favoritism in the program and they did not hesitate to criticize, too, the jury and their attitude towards Luca, a competitor who has made many enemies.

Finally, the rest of the contestants had to make eggplant risotto with honey which saved Merce, Lluís and Jeremy, leaving Sergio and Fray for the last test. The last battle was to make a honey and kill cannelloni which gave victory to Fray and he left Sergio eliminated as new.

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