The last few weeks have been very busy for Lola Indigo. Since the presentation of his last album, The DragonJust a few days ago, the young woman from Granada did not stop. After this release, the artist was one of the guests of LOS40 Primavera Pop, where she performed some of the songs included in her new work.

But the promotion of this new era or alter ego, as she describes it, is not over yet. Tuesday evening, she was invited to the anthillwhere he once again shares confidences with Pablo Motos and, of course, talks about his music.

Who is the song dedicated to? The idiot?

“It’s a title with a lot of power. The dragon inspires me power, but also protection“, explained Lola Indigo about the title of her last album. “Now, after 5 years of work, I feel empowered to put people in places that I think they deserve and to give work”, has she pointed out.

Additionally, the singer explained that it was about an album looking to the future: “What I want is for it to last a long time so that I can continue to work with my friends, that’s what amuses me and makes me happy.”

But Pablo Motos wanted to focus again on the present, more precisely on one of the topics that have circulated the most among his followers and that created hand in hand with another artist of the moment, Quevedo. The theme is called The idiot and it’s full of clues –You know how I am | It’s not that I want to go back | Because everyone already knows that you | It was you, it was | The Fool You Left Me | But I’m not sad | I go out late at night– which do not seem to have a clear name.

“When ‘the madman’ hears the song, will he know he’s mad?” Wanted to know the presenter of El Hormiguero. At that, Indigo Lola didn’t want to get completely wet and didn’t name any names: “Well, there have been several fools…, you can share it among all“.

Moreover, he made a point of emphasizing the relevant role played by the author of English Beach, Point G y No signal in the creation of this letter: “Quevedo was heavily involved in the film and in everything the song says, there is a hint of sonority and brotherhood”.

Lola indigo’s most peculiar TOC

That wasn’t the only confession released by the former contestant. Operation Triumph in the program. He also revealed one of his weirder quirks, unknown to many.

“Is it true that you always wear socks and underwear of the same color?”, the presenter Pablo Motos was interested in the fun. In a good mood, the singer admitted that it was true: “It’s an OCD that I have, I always try to be monochrome.”

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