Tonight in  The Masked Singer the Queen of Hearts will have a chance to win, will she also reveal herself as Joya?

Entering the finale, we knew that most of the evidence suggested the singer was behind this particularly cumbersome costume, which she wore for a good percentage of the season. Most of the clues have pointed it out, and we don’t think there has been so much mystery here for a long time.

At a certain point in the season, however,  The Masked Singer  becomes a little less about the guessing game and more about the competition, oddly enough. It is always difficult to know who is the right or deserving winner when the criteria are so difficult to pin down. Regardless of whether the Queen of Hearts wins or loses, she still had a great streak this season before her showdown with the Bull. Heck, last week she did a duet with Nicole Scherzinger for “Dream On,” easily one of the hardest songs to perform.

If the Queen of Hearts turns out to be Jewel, our best hope is that this will give her career a little boost. His musical heyday was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but since then he has continued to release music and pursue projects at many different companies.

So was it Jewel?

Yes! Beyond that, we should also note here that the Queen  was  the Queen of the season and takes home the Golden Mask trophy. This was apparently a very close vote, and she was able to outlive a lot of really talented and unique people throughout the season.

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Where are you rooting for the Queen of Hearts to win  ? The Masked Singer?

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