dragonball“has many iconic moments behind it, like Goku’s first transformation into a Super Saiyan and the first duel between Goku and Vegeta. What’s also iconic is a legendary voice actress like Masako Nozawa who over the years has given voice not only to Goku himself but also to many other characters such as Gohan, Goten or Black. Now the actress will see immortalized in a way that seems incredibly original to me: through his own official Nendoroid.

Here is the Nendoroid of Masako Nozawa, our Goku in real life

So I leave you with an official vistazo al Nendoroid primer by Masako Nozawawhich can be a truly unique purchase for a “Dragon Ball” fan (via @GoodSmile_US):

After that I leave you with all the details What to remember from this very original Nendoroid:

  • To start, it must be said that Masako Nozawa’s Nendoroid is now available for reservation. in the official GoodSmile store.
  • Nendoroid Features an official price of 8,500 yen (about 56 euros) and its launch is scheduled for December this year.
  • One of the great novelties that this Nendoroid includes is that it has an audio player. This means that the Nendoroid will play some of Masako Nozawa’s most iconic phrases while working.
  • On another side, confirmed parts that are included in the voice actress Nendoroid of Goku in Dragon Ball are the following:
    • a smiling face
    • A face with an open mouth smiling
    • a screaming face
    • The Nendoroid also includes a number of optional items such as a microphone, dashboard, etc. to help provide a wider variety of poses.

Masako Nozawa herself also promoted of his official Nendoroid, as you can well see in the following official video from GoodSmile:

Honestly, it seems unbelievable to me that Masako Nozawa is going to have a Nendoroid that they’ve been working on the novelty of even giving her a voice. Will there ever be an official Goku Nendoroid? Well, maybe, but until we see if that announcement is made or not, the truth is that Masako Nozawa’s Nendoroid is the closest thing we’ve got to the ‘Dragon Ball’ protagonist.

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