The launch of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did not go as planned. What was said to be one of the most anticipated titles of 2023 got off on the wrong foot due to something as important as performance. And it is that as thousands of users have declared through the networks and/or through reviews through platforms such as Steam, it does not meet expectations.

Something that hurt especially not because it only happened on PC, but because this problem seems to extend to all the platforms it has reached. In fact, players have been very critical of this because it’s a purely new generation versionso you didn’t need to make any adjustments for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, for example.

Steam, the ms review with Star Wars Jedi Survivor

At the time of this writing, the complaints are such that out of the over 2,000 reviews that have been uploaded to Steam, the tag of “rather negative” This is the one that covers the cover of the video game on the Valve platform. Interestingly, the reviews that have been published so far on Metacritic rank the game much higher.

So, needless to say, it’s a great game that took a big hit in performance. Many users are waiting for the day 1 patch and/or an early update to fix these issues, but it seems unlikely to be solved with this one first. After all, the installation is already provided, so it is possible that these performance problems last a little longer.

This does not appear to be a component issue, as many users report that they cannot exceed 30 FPS in certain areas, even when equipped with high-end GPUs and CPUs. And while it might be a “hoax”, the truth is that there are so many negative comments that it doesn’t seem to be fake.

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