Marco Rubio, Cuban-American senator from Florida, proposes the automatic application of the Cuban Adjustment Law for those migrants who left Cuba and have already been detained in US immigration prisons for more than a year pending the resolution of their case. political asylum.

With his inauguration as Senator Rubio contacted by letter to the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas (also Cuban-American), to inquire about the Cubans detained by the Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE).

“For more than six decades, the Cuban regime has been hostile to the basic freedoms, democratic values, and human rights of the Cuban people. As a result, Cuban citizens continue to risk their lives and seek the American dream and the promise of a better future in the United States. It is for these reasons that I respectfully request your timely response to my letter,” Rubio wrote in his letter.

The Florida senator notes that “it is imperative that the United States commit to the application of federal immigration law, which includes Cubans currently in the United States eligible to obtain residency under the Cuban Adjustment Act.”

Other politicians who hold public office, such as Mario Díaz Balart and María Elvira Salazar, have demonstrated in the same vein of the defense of the Cuban-American community. Both congressmen ask Joe Biden to speak out for a solution to the cases of the Cubans detained in the ICE offices.

The Cuban Adjustment Act is a federal law (89-732) enacted on November 2, 1966 by the United States government to help all Cubans who escaped the communist regime imposed on the island since the rise to the power of Fidel Castro.

Like other citizens of the world, Cubans can legally emigrate to the United States using different programs, such as family visas, visa lottery, asylum or refuge. The advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Law is that the year and one day the citizen who entered the territory legally can opt for the well-known Green Card, which is the residence permit.

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