The Cuban-American senator of the Republican party for the state of Florida, Marco Rubio, reproached the attacks that the Castro authorities committed against the art historian Carolina Barrero, who was violently arrested last week.

The official, who has already denounced this type of repression before, used his Twitter account to denounce the abuse received by Barrero.

Rubio pointed to the Cuban State Security as the main perpetrator of the harassment suffered by the art curator, who denounced having experienced humiliating moments during her last detention.

“The Cuban art historian Carolina Barrero, who is also a cultural promoter, has been the victim of attacks and other insults by the State Security of the Castro / Díaz-Canel regime. How long will Cuban women have to suffer these abuses?”, the Cuban-American senator wrote on social networks.

Barrero arrests

The official’s complaint comes after the historian was detained by State Security on May 5 after making it clear that she intended to leave her home in solidarity with the people who were arrested during the demonstrations. that were carried out on Obispo Street.

The woman was held at the San Miguel del Padrón police station, accused of alleged public disorder, a charge for which the independent reporter was also accused Mary Karla Ares, one of the people who continues to be detained.

On May 8, the curator denounced through her Facebook profile that during the arrest she was attacked and stripped with violence, while several officers held her tightly.

“In the San Miguel del Padrón jail, three women forced me into a cell. Two police officers held my arms while a third, dressed in civilian clothes, violently undressed me. Outside the cell, a male police officer watched in silence as the clothes were removed from my body,” wrote Barrero.

Similarly, at the end of April the historian was arrested for trying to leave her home, a fact that was shared by independent media on social networks.

“The repression continues. They take Carolina Barrero into custody when she tried to leave her house,” said independent journalist José Raúl Gallego at the time.

The arrest occurred on the day that hundreds of people protested in support of the independent artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, with the curator posting on her Facebook account that she was going to leave her home with the intention of seeing him.

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