A year has already passed since the official launch of the Playdate console, and taking advantage of the celebration, the mini console maker released some sales data on the product’s first year, which was really good.

As stated in a press release, Playdate sold 53,142 units in its first 12 months, which far exceeded the manufacturer’s expectations for its first year. Playdate originally planned to build 20,000 units and wasn’t sure if it would sell them all, but it has now shipped 27,000 consoles, only filling half of its current orders.

As for when it intends to meet that demand for the system, Playdate even notes that it hopes to deliver all pre-orders by the end of this year, which means it will hopefully be easier to get hold of one of the hands. – crank consoles from 2024.

Have you ordered your Playdate yet?

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