The former US ambassador to the European Union slammed politicians like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Taylor Greene and Tom Cotton, calling them sycophants who built their careers by faking inauthentic roles.

Former US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, lashed out at MAGA’s “sycophants,” saying they don’t know how to handle Donald Trump effectively.

In his forthcoming book “The Enjoy,” Sondland wrote an account of his time working for Trump, who fired him from office in 2020.

The man notes that he earned Trump’s respect through his direct approach, an attitude he called essential for aides who want to “survive” the tycoon and “come out intact.”

“None of the politicians in office, from Ted Cruz to Josh Hawley to Taylor Greene to Tom Cotton, know how to take this approach. They are sycophants who built their careers on pretending and playing roles that are not authentic,” Sondland said.

And he added that for a “guy like Trump,” flattery was not the way to “do things.”

Business Insider notes that in the book, Sondland also says that he sees Trump as a “man with a fragile ego” who needs to have his pride boosted like “an addict would feed a habit.” But beyond the adulation, his allies must understand “what motivates him” to “treat him accordingly,” he explained.

“To deal with a bully, you have to stand up to him. To deal with an egomaniac, you have to feed that ego”, he reads on one of the pages.

Sondland filled his book with anecdotes of his private interactions with Trump, according to the indicated media, the former official recounts that on one occasion he called Trump for eating Tic Tacs and not sharing them, to which Trump was “slightly embarrassed” by the comment and offered him some mints.

“When you call him out for not acting like a normal person, he catches you off guard, and then he likes you. People do it infrequently,” Sondland wrote.

In November 2019, Sondland testified against Trump in the former president’s first impeachment trial, noting that Trump’s team took advantage of military aid and pressured Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden,

His testimony shot down Trump’s assertion that there was no quid pro quo of any kind, for which he was impeached in December of that year, but only two months later he was acquitted by the Senate.

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