When we wonder what we can ask of a new moon, astrology helps us get an answer. The energy of this lunar phase is coupled with certain rituals and here we tell you what they are

The new moon is the opportunity that the universe offers us to start a blank chapter and fulfill our big dreams. According to astrologers, this phase has the ideal energy for these objectives as it marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, therefore, the most powerful rituals are those associated with beginnings.

Astrology uses a technique known as “moon mapping” to plan days, weeks, and years based on lunar energy. A new moon occurs when the moon is between the Earth and the Sun, which means that the side facing us is dark. This cycle happens every 29.5 days and represents the first lunar phase.

For this reason, it invites us to establish new goals, ideas, feelings, relationships, imagine possibilities and manifest everything we imagine so that, in the course of the following phases, we can materialize our dreams, astrologer Lisa Stardust commented in an article for Today.com.

This symbolism of new beginnings has an energetic effect on us, added the expert, so it is likely that during the new moon what makes us feel stuck or, at least, we have the opportunity to free ourselves will break.

What rituals are more powerful in new moon?

The astrologer explained that each lunar phase is used for certain types of rituals according to the energy it represents and was in charge of revealing which rituals are the best to perform each time we witness a new moon.

Set intentions

A new moon is the best time to set intentions. “Think of intentions as seeds you’re planting in the ground and ‘watering’ through genuine belief and action,” noted Stardust, who said if we do, we’ll notice how they grow throughout the lunar month.

Visualize your goals

Imagining what we want to achieve (goals, objectives, dreams, desires, etc.) will have a more powerful effect on a new moon, but we must know how to channel this energy. Astrology suggests creating a “vision board” which consists of pasting images from magazines or words on a surface that help you maintain focus on your goals during the lunar month.

To write a diary

It is one of the simplest and most popular rituals in New Moon. Keeping a journal will allow you to get in touch with your inner self, and when you review your journal entries from the past, you will be able to gauge how far you have progressed.

Affirmations and decrees

Affirmations are short, positively thought sentences that have the purpose of training the mind to strengthen it. These can be like “I am very capable of doing my job”, “I have confidence in myself”, etc. While the decrees are statements of things that we want in the future and we must say them as if they had already happened; for example “I am grateful for having found the love of my life”, “I am happy because I have the ideal job”. Both affirmations and decrees are more powerful if we express them in a new moon.

Clean the house

The new moon is also the perfect time for an energetic house cleaning. This is done just like a normal cleaning, only we can add a splash of vinegar to the water. If you wish, you can rearrange the furniture to let the energies flow, or incorporate fresh flowers in most of your rooms.

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