The only couple out of the sixth edition of island of temptations is the one formed by Manual there lydia and that we weren’t always clear. His approach to Myriam He made things difficult for Lydia who leaned on Miguel.

But after giving each other all the explanations they needed, they finished their last bonfire united and hoping to continue their love story outside.

Now we got to see them six months later and they remembered the movies that were made while they were apart. “I came in with a lot of fears and insecurities and came out different.“, recognized Lydia, “I notice that we argue a lot less”.

Lydia’s behavior was amazing and it completely made me change my love for her”, assured Manuel, a lover who still feels very guilty for his behavior on the island.

Manuel acknowledged that the turning point was his meeting in the mirror as he felt a lot of disappointment and released the anger he carried inside and reacted by approaching Miriam. “I learned to value the person next to me because I have the feeling that it is more and more difficult to find someone to share your life with and that is my princess”, assured Manuel.

“I was afraid that Manuel would stop loving me because I’m a possessive person or someone who doesn’t know how to manage his emotions and I realized that I gotta get rid of this nonsense and that I can lose it. And my life is with him,” she said.

“I left the final bonfire very shocked because it gave me a shock of reality because I saw that this had happened to me and I was very strange. But As soon as we got on the plane and were back in Spain everything was magicalManuel admitted.

The secret to surviving on the island

For a couple, living the experience of the show is exceptional. “I believe the secret is to control what’s on your mindLydia gave her opinion. “I believe the secret is trust. If I hadn’t trusted Lydia all the way, I would have failed,” Manuel added.

Lydia assured that “we can take things very out of context and he also saw things from me. “It was a huge ordeal that will accompany us all our lives and luckily we went island of temptations because it’s something you don’t learn otherwise,” he added.

It was time to look at his face and confess his feelings. “I can’t wait to start our new life together and I love you very much,” Manuel told her. “I love you with everything you have done and with everything you will do because I will always understand you and you are the love of my life.“, she corresponded.

It’s clear that the key to surviving this adventure is communication and trust.

Miriam’s message

As for Myriam, Manuel admitted that he was confused after experiencing the mirror. They haven’t had contact since returning to Spain. The temptress left Manuel a message in which she confessed that what they had on the island was a real connection and that if he did nothing it was out of fear and not lack of desire.

She also wanted to tell Lydia that if she cheated once, she would do it again because people don’t change. Words that did not shake Lydia who absolutely trusts Manuel.

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