Taylor Swift is Artist of the Year 2023. It’s been a little over a month since I started The tour of eras (the singer’s first tour in more than five years without performing), averages 65 million daily plays on Spotify and his private life was again in the spotlight after actor Joe Alwyn has been rumored to split after six years of dating.

Without a doubt, he is living one of his best professional stages after 10 albums and 17 years as one of the most important names in the music industry, perform a show lasting more than three hours each weekend, with a dozen costume changes and 44 songs in a repertoire in which every night there are two surprise songs.

On the way, hundreds of fan theories speculating on possible new releases and dates for new singles and music videos. But If Taylor Swift stood out for anything this weekend, it was because of the concern she caused fans in Houston after appearing on stage with a major hand injury. in the middle of the concert

These injuries were especially visible in the acoustic moments of the singer, especially during her performance in cold like youwhere he appeared with a wound in the palm, a few centimeters before the wrist.

However, The singer wanted to reassure her followers through a publication on social networks, where she took the opportunity to thank the three sold out in a row in Houstona city that is particularly close to the singer because it is the birthplace of her mother and where her grandmother Marjorie lived, to whom she dedicates one of the songs on the show.

“I just did 3 amazing shows in Houston and I wake up smiling remembering the great time we had. I love this tour because of all the passion people put into everything. Seriously, I looking forward to Atlanta. PS: For those wondering how I cut my hand, I’m fine and it was all my fault: I tripped over the hem of my dress and fell backstage in the dark doing a quick change. I supported my fall with the palm of my hand. It was all very Mercury retrograde. Do not worry about me. I’m bieeeeeen”, he published with some photos of the night.

There is nothing to fear, nothing can stop Taylor Swift and she continues week after week giving us the best songs and the best performances. We only have one question left in our mind: when will you announce the international dates?

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