Long lines at South Florida gas stations are easing. André el Khouri, spokesperson for the AAA, affirms that “there is no shortage of petrol. What we have is a logistical problem in the distribution of gasoline to the three counties in South Florida. Remember that Port Everglades provides 40% of the state’s gasoline. »

In Port Everglades, there are 12 terminals for dispensing fuel to tankers. Today, 9 of them are fully operational, while authorities are working to restore service to the other three.

The Gasbuddy app reports low or partial shortages at gas stations in Miami, Hialeah and Fort Lauderdale. While some consumers say that in certain areas like the airport, Wynwood and Kendall there is no gas.

It is a dynamic situation where supply runs out due to demand. First it runs out at the busiest pumps, while the rest continues to be available.

The Better Business Bureau reports reports of possible price speculation.

“There is no set number of price gouging. But it is a number that is a percentage of 100 or 200% higher than normal,” they say.

To report an abusive price, you can call 1-866-966-7226

Port Everglades reports that three tankers are unloading fuel there at the moment and two more are waiting to enter the port.

“The AAA thinks the situation will normalize every day, but the problem is that people are freaking out when they don’t need extra fuel with take-home tanks, which is pretty dangerous and not necessary, because there is a shortage of gasoline,” Khouri said.

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