What there is to know

  • Saturday April 22 is a free day in the national parks.
  • There are five days of free admission to national parks in 2023, and there are still four to go; the April 22 event celebrates the start of National Parks Week.
  • The extensive network includes more than 400 national parks.

Visit other natural parks or return again and again to the one you like the most? There are many ways to approach these beautiful, important and historically rich places, and what to do once you get there?

The avenues to learn more about a park are plentiful, with opportunities to savor quiet contemplation, guided walks, ranger programs, stargazing nights, and power talks.

We can interact with our parks throughout the calendar, but the events at the end of April take on a different and festive twist. That’s because National Parks Week takes place in the days leading up to May, a joyous reminder of all the good that parks bring to our world and how we can play a part in their continued health and happiness. And to help us make this important connection? There is one free entry day: Saturday April 22.

Not all parks regularly charge entry fees, of course, but many of the more than 400 parks do, including Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park.

Adding to the special joy of this celebration is the weather forecast, which shows an almost summery weekend across much of the Golden State, with some of the hottest temperatures we’ve seen in a long time in the forecast.

So where will you go? Starting your adventure here is a smart plan; after all, many national park tours start with a solid itinerary. You can also find out more about National Parks Week where you can browse the many ways to celebrate our spectacular system of treasure trees, cliffs and wonderful wildlife.

By the way, Earth Day is April 22 and many parks will be offering volunteer opportunities and other special events. And another detail: National Junior Ranger Day is April 29, which isn’t a free day in the parks, but it’s part of the week-long celebration.

Free days to enter national parks are held throughout the year. Other dates to mark on your calendar include: Great American Outdoors Day on August 5th. National Public Lands Day follows on September 23, and Veterans Day concludes free-entry events on November 11.

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