After his visit to the anthill Just a few days ago, Lola Indigo continues to promote The Dragonhis new album, and he also toured the set of Resistancea scenario already more than familiar to her.

During his visit to the program david broncanoIn addition to talking about Chayanne —she herself confessed that it was her “erotic fantasy”—she also performed the theme The idiot, a song he released in collaboration with singer Quevedo, and dropped a few pearls with his answer to the classic sex question.

Lola Indigo plays Quevedo in Resistance

One of the singer’s most popular songs, which is among the most listened to on her new album, is The idiot. The song was created hand in hand with Quevedo, one of the artists of the moment. As she herself explained during her recent visit to the anthillthe Canarian artist “was very involved in the film”.

Following this collaboration that went viral, Lola Indigo also set out to perform it on the stage of Resistance. But… of course, in the impromptu performance one of the voices was missing, so the granaína did not hesitate and in the part of the stanza that Quevedo originally quotes, the artist has tried to imitate his voice. The response to such boldness from Broncano and the audience was cheers and applause.

Her shocking answer to the sex question…

As they were in charge of remembering the program itself, this is the fifth time that the granaína visits the set of Movistar + and they hadn’t asked him the typical classic and famous questions from space.

One of them, the most striking, is the one that refers to the number of times the guest has had sex in the last month. SHis answer, in addition to being shocking, drew a whole wave of applause.

Before knowing his answer, Broncano reminded him of the scores: “Coitus: 1 point; caress:0.6; masturbation: 0.5″. Given this, and after thinking about it for a few seconds, Lola Indigo did some calculations and pointed out that they were “lower than I would like”, until finally gave the number:

“I’m going to round you up…20?”he replied uncertainly before adding, “You said hands mattered too.”

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