It all comes back, and sometimes in more surprising ways than the bell bottoms. If this year 2023 has been marked by the news of the return of the saga Harry Potter In series form, it now looks like another franchise that has come together for the past decade will follow. And it has to do with the most famous teenage vampires of the seventh art.

As published by US media The Hollywood Reporter, Twilight will become a television series in which the well-known love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob will be explored again. Of course, the project is still in its infancy.

The script could be made by Sinead Dalywho has already directed series such as The Walking Dead: World Beyond there Raised by wolves, among others. According to the sources of said media, the professional would work with Lionsgate Television correctly situate the concrete vision of this new adaptation, as well as whether they want to be faithful to the literary material or take some distance by giving it a new approach.

this new Dusk You might encounter the same problem as Harry Potter: a too recent memory of its worldwide success. Perhaps the saga starring Kristen Stewart It wasn’t as long as the boy wizard, but it sparked a fan craze from its premiere in 2008 until its end in 2012.

Cinemas around the world were packed to find out how the most famous supernatural love story of the moment ended, much like the books continued to increase in sales as the movies progressed. It is precisely this turmoil that is expected of the series by fans, since this same universe was the culprit that thousands of teenagers around the world had as a vital decision to opt for the Team Edward or the Team Jacob -something not even the current wife of Taylor Lautner.

What will happen to the series? Dusk?

Unlike Harry Potter, which it’s already been detailed will have one season per book in the saga – and that makes seven, not assuming they’ll extend the last one into two batches like they already did with the movie result – , Dusk there are hardly any details. Again, the project is at a very early stage; although the same source indicates that the study plans to direct the development of the project before buying the rights to the package. Although there is no stipulated time frame in which it is communicated to potential buyers.

Even so, it is expected that Stephanie Meyerthe author of the saga, participate in the series adaptation of his work. In this way, they could be more faithful to everything that has already conquered all the spectators who have elevated the saga of vampires and werewolves as one of the highest grossing, exceeding in its entirety the 3 billion dollars of collection.

To the saga Dusk is available on Prime Video and HBO Max.

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