We don’t talk about anything these days: The Dragon of Lola Indigo woke up. The Spanish star, who surprised all his fans with his incredible performance at LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023, does not stop performing thanks to the songs of The Dragon. His third studio album was released last Friday, April 14, managing to position his single, El Tonto, at the top of the Spanish streaming charts.

The idiot, with Quevedo, has all the ingredients to become a hit: a lively song, a marked rhythm and verses full of charisma. That way, we’re not surprised that everyone listens to it.

But when will we be able to see the two artists perform the song together live? Lola Indigo answered the question. During his interview in Resistancethe singer revealed when she will perform live for the first time The idiot next to the canary star:

“We’re going to sing it on his WiZink. And he on mine. He plays the day before. He’s five and I’m six. We’re going to change”

Thus, on May 5, we will be able to see the two artists perform El Tonto for the first time. And if the fans can’t get enough, watch it at six! Of course, you must already have a ticket for one of these concerts, because they are sold out!

Lola Indigo and Quevedo

Lola Indigo and Quevedo get along wonderfully. Indeed, as the singer said on the David Broncano show, the young man promotes the song of El Tonto as if it were his own. An act that shows you want it to work.

Moreover, during the presentation of The Dragon, Quevedo wanted to support his partner. Around noon, when the album and the music video are already out, the two artists share the stage to show the audience the result of El Tonto.

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