Looking for the best place to enjoy the variety of New York cuisine? This guide might help you.

The Food Critic New York Times, Pete Wells, analyzes his opinion on the 100 best places in town.

Breakdown by county

So which county has the most restaurants to watch, according to Wells? Manhattan tops the list, with 65 of the 100 restaurants spread across the city.

Brooklyn and Queens are tied for second place, each with 19 spots on the roster. The Bronx and Staten Island are also represented, with four and two restaurants respectively.

For those of you who have done the math, the number of restaurants adds up to over 100 as some on the list have locations in multiple counties.

Eight of the top ten belong to Manhattan. Queens has two reps at this tier of the roster (one of which also has a Manhattan location), and the Bronx has one.

The costs

There’s no doubt that some restaurants in town have a high bill, but this top 100 list includes options with a variety of price ranges.

Locations are on a scale of $ to $$$$. Twenty of the restaurants are at the more expensive end of the scale, with 18 at the much cheaper end.

The rest are in the middle of the affordability scale, with 39 marked $$ and 23 marked $$$.

The best places

This list awards the title of best restaurant in town to Tatiana from Kwame Onwuachi. It offers American, Caribbean and Creole cuisine and is located near Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side.

Its finalist is also in Manhattan. A Korean joint with a “tasting menu format,” Atomix can be found in Kips Bay on East 30th Street.

But what about other counties? This is where Wells thinks you can find the best dishes and meals outside of Manhattan:

The Bronx: #5 La Piraña Lechonera (Puerto Rican)

Brooklyn: #16 Aska (Scandinavian)

Queens: #8 CheLi (Chinese)

Staten Island: #80 Verse (palestino)

The most expensive category includes the top three restaurants on the list, but the cheapest tier includes both No. 5 La Piraña Lechonera and No. 9 Queens Night Market.

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