The fans of Lola Indigo they are lucky. On April 14, his new studio album will be released The Dragonwith which he will present a new musical era.

To get closer to this stage, La Santa presented a few days ago, a preview of this project with which she will show us the most confident and self-confident Lola. But little by little, the one from Granada has taken on the task of delighting his followers with new clues about what is to come.

Without going any further, during his last visit to Argentina, revealed in an interview that Emilia will be part of the tracklist of The Dragon. “It was the first song I did with Big One. It was the first time I came to Argentina and it was the first session I had. And Emi, Duko and FMK appearedso I’m just going to say it’s a theme because with the credits that are in the song, it can only be a theme”, explains our protagonist.

But that’s not all. In another interview, he added that it is a reggaeton song, so we have no doubt that it will be released in clubs around the world.

The Dragon Lola’s

What else do we know about Grenade’s new studio album? Currently, topics such as Anmal, Discoteka there broken hearts. Songs that have not gone unnoticed on the charts and digital platforms and which already have millions of views.

Besides, The Dragon will sound live on May 6 at the WiZink Center (already sell) and on the 13th of the same month at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Lola will hatch to present us with this new alter ego for which she has also made a beautiful visual bet. In fact, the photos he shares on his networks that are part of his new concept define what is perhaps his most enlightened era.

And you, are you ready for the new era of Lola Indigo? What would you like him to call his collaboration with Emilia?

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