There are those who have not started the year 2023 on a very good footing. The clear example of this bad luck is Jeremy Renner. The actor, known for his roles in The Avengers, Hansel and Gretel oh The Bourne Legacy, had an accident that left him very serious in the hospital. Now, for the first time since the incident, he has given an interview.

It was the same New Year’s Day, January 1, when the interpreter set out to remove the accumulated snow from his home near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, when a snow plow ran him overseverely damaging one of his legs.

“I lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience”

Immediately after the event, Renner required emergency admission and surgery. Later, a more detailed police report that preliminaries confirmed the real reason for the accident by Hawkeye.

As Reno City Mayor Hillary Schieve explained, “I was helping someone stuck in the snow. He always helps others. So I was helping everybody try to clear the snow so people could get out.”

This person that Jeremy Renner helped was his own nephew, Alexander Fries. The actor interposed himself between him and the machine to try to prevent it from reaching his nephew, he jumped to help him; since the brake was not applied.

Jeremy Renner tells how he saved his nephew

That same story, but in more detail, is what Renner told in what was his first interview and statements, beyond social media, on ABC News.

In it, the actor assured that “he would start again”. Asked by the interviewer if he “remembered the pain” the whole time he was out of the game, the performer was candid: “I remember everything. I was awake the whole time. “

Now everything points to Renner returning to work, or so he hopes. Although, yes, due to the damage suffered and the operations he underwent, action roles may now be more limited: “I lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience, but I been restored and full of love and titanium”.

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