We admit it: we are totally addicted The Saint by Lola Indigo. The artist has outdone herself with this new song, hinting that The Dragon that will give a lot to say. This last theme is a floor-buster, inviting us to dance from the very first second.

But Lola not only put all the meat on the grill to the rhythm of the song, she also did it in audiovisual! And it is that the video clip of The Saint It is a real visual spectacle. Shot vertically (prepared to be consumed directly from mobile) and with epic choreography, Lola indigo has made it clear that few artists can do what she does.

Shot in a false sequence shot, Lola and her team of dancers had to be perfectly choreographed to achieve the final result.

Lola Indigo reveals how filming went

Now, in an interview for Luzu TV, Lola talked about what it was like to shoot the video. And it was not an easy task!

Everything was a sequence shot. The cameraman was coordinated with the entire dance crew so no one clashed. If someone crashed, the hit was bad,” start by saying Lola Indigo.

The singer goes on to explain that it was a hard shoot: “There was a moment when there was crying. Because suddenly I felt that I was not going to come out.” The artist goes on to explain that when she has to go under the legs of her companions, her head hits their ass all the time.

“I want people to understand the difficulty. Behind the walls there were three boys who were also dancers and had to understand the musicality.. When I pushed the wall, they had to push it at the same time,” he continues.

The worst moment of filming

Lola also recalled what was the worst moment of the video: “I had a really bad time filming. The water was freezing and one of my dancers was shaking. And I already said, ‘man, I don’t go through here.’ Either the air turns to hot water or we don’t go on.’ I remember I came out of the water, my feet were purple and I started crying.. Everyone freaked out and I started saying ‘I never give up’.”

Undoubtedly, the result of the video is impressive, although now we know how hard Lola must have gotten it.

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