Announced by CD Projekt Red last year, Project Sirius is one of the next The Witcher projects in development. But after announcing the restart of its production, the studio returns today to the motivations for such a decision.

  • CD Projekt Red remembers Project Sirius reboot

    It is one of the future Witcher games announced by the studio.

  • The budget of the game re-evaluated

    Recently, the creators of The Witcher announced that they had lowered the development costs for this future title.

  • Bad news?

    Many saw it as a bad sign, which led the studio to justify such a decision to reassure players and investors.

  • Studio CEO Adam Kicinski speaks

    “We do not want to pursue projects with which we are not in phase”

  • many projects to come

    For his part, the CFO said he was still “it is better to cut costs early, and even start over if necessary, than to continue”

  • The future of The Witcher is on its way

    At this time, no information has been released on the Sirius project, which is described as “an innovative take on The Witcher universe” developed by The Molasses Flood.

If the months that have passed since the release of Cyberpunk 2077 have been relatively difficult for CD Projekt Red, it now seems that things are back on track for the studio, which definitely has no shortage of projects on fire. One of them, The Sirius project will also be an experiment “innovative” developed by The Molasses Flood in The Witcher universe. But as announced recently, the latter saw its budget reassessed downwards by the study, which today returns to the reasons for such a decision.

Restart of the Sirius project justified by CD Project

“I realize that it is not good to hear from a company that a project is being reassessed” said Piotr Nielbuwocz (via Video Games Chronicle) during a recent meeting with investors. “But at the same time, to stay innovative, you have to experiment and have the courage to try new paths” then he added, explaining in particular that it is a kind of project “unprecedented for (them) in terms of design” who is by the way “developed by new study in (their) family”.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As a result, the financial director considers that the study has “must reassess the situation as it progresses” and above all that he is always “it is better to cut costs early, and even start over if necessary, than to continue”. In other words, despite appearances, there would really be no cause for alarm in the immediate futureeven though Adam Kicinski still admitted on his part that it was a “Difficult decision to make”. “But we think it was the right one” added.

A Witcher project is still a long way off

Furthermore, for the CEO of CD Projekt, it is important that “take the time to reassess” : “We do not want to pursue projects with which we are not in phase. That’s basically all we’d like to share about the Sirius project at this time.” then concluded. In short, as much to say that we are not ready to know more about this famous “Innovative approach to The Witcher universe” developed by The Molasses Flood, which was officially announced last October and rebooted in early 2023.

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