Today is not April 20, 1990 but, although more than 30 years have passed since the group Celtic Courts released this mythical song, year after year there is no April 20th that only comes to mind”Hi Chat, how are you?“.

It has surely happened to more than one person that they associate a song with a specific date or time for having listened to it at that time, or for having marked a special event. Our artists also create memories on specific days and often they capture them in their songs.

That is why the group from Valladolid that we remember today she was not the only one in the history of music to mark dates in her songs. Some of them highlight a specific day in the title but there are others that you have to look at the letter to find out. Here we bring you a list with some of those things to remember on your calendar.

a januaryby Ignacio Balez

This topic probably sounds more familiar to you if I tell you July 7, San Fermin. The lyrics of this well-known popular song were created between the 20s and 30s of the last century by the Navarrese writer Ignacio Baleztena. Also known as The Staircase of San Fermin to count one by one the months that remain from the first day of the year until the celebration of San Fermín, July 7.

January 20Van Gogh’s ear

To end the month of January, we can not forget Van Gogh’s ear with his “early morning of January 20 leaving the train”. January 20 is part of the album What I told you while you were sleepingthat LODVG released in 2003, exactly 20 years ago.

Sailboat eveningSidecars

Sidecars is another of the most important Spanish pop groups of recent years. in your song Sailboat eveningthe Madrid group begins to speak of a February 10 I can’t forget it and I don’t want to”. In this case, we go back to the year 2010 and the band’s second album, titled zippers.

I give youcarlos baute

How could it be otherwise, Valentine’s Day serves as an inspiration to many artists; especially when you think of love songs. the venezuelan carlos baute mentions him in his song I give youin which he expresses his desire to “February 14 I send you a thousand flowers”.

THURSDAYVan Gogh’s ear

We go to mars and back to Van Gogh’s ear. How can we forget one of the most moving songs of Spanish pop in recent years. THURSDAY of the band from San Sebastián is a song dedicated to the victims of the 11M attack suffered by the city of Madrid in 2004. “A special day this March 11”sings LODVG in the theme included in their seventh album, Five o’clock at the Astoria.

April 14Rosalie

Rosalia Today she is one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists. Although the Catalan rose to fame after the release of her second album, The bad will; and more recently with Motomami; In 2017, he released his first album, Angels. It includes a topic called April 14which brings us back to more flamenco sound that characterized the singer in her early days.

all night on the streetAmaral

“We met in January. And you forgot about me in February. Now that it’s April 15, you say you miss me.” This is how the band relates Amaral what seems to be the summary of a heartbreaking story in his song all night on the street. This song is part of the 2002 album star of the seathe third in the Zaragoza duo’s discography.

First of MayBee Gees

In this 1969 song, the Australian band known as Bee Gees talks about the passage of time, focused on a love story that will last forever despite the passage of years. Although he admits that They might cry when May Day rolls around (but I guess we’ll cry on May Day)”.

June 23Vetusta Morla

As many of you know, the night of June 23 is known as the night of San Juan. In cities like Alicante it is typical to celebrate the day by making bonfires in which objects that remind us of a past event are usually burned. This is why the Madrid group Old Morla sing And may Saint John not burn us at the stake in his song June 23.

August 7, 4:15 a.m.Jon Bon Jovi

In this 1997 song, included on the album destination anywhere, Jon Bon Jovi It not only marks a date but a specific moment on August 7th. The singer wrote this song in memory of the daughter of Paul Korzilius, friend and patron of the artist. The girl was found dead on precisely this day around this time in 1996although the exact cause of death was never discovered.

September 6Dani Fernandez

Dani Fernandez included on his first solo album, fires (2019), the song September 6. We also find the voice of Andres Suarez. In this song, the artists sing about a person they want back, although they fear that the relationship will no longer be the same as before. ‘Cause what they really miss is laugh until you can’t anymore. Like this September 6.

September 7Mechanic

Just the next day on the calendar we find one of the most successful bands in the history of Spanish music. In this song included in his 1991 album, AidalaI, mechanic talks about a birthday they’re celebrating September 7. The album also includes an acoustic version of this same song, as well as the same song in French, September 7.

I will wait for youCali and the Dandee

In this song, the Colombian duo known as Cali and the Dandee tells the story of an abduction which, according to what he says, occurs in the first days of September. On September 4, my phrase “if you leave, you won’t come back” haunts me. And I want to call you, but you don’t answer. I don’t understand why you don’t answer, if even though we fought everything continuesthe brothers sing in reference to when they begin to realize the other person’s demise.

The lyrics follow a few days later. “September 7, the call that would come. They tell me you’re there, don’t call the police, then they hang up. I still don’t lose faith, I know that one day you will come back, and whatever is coming, I’ll be waiting for you”.

SeptemberEarth, Air and Fire

“Do you remember. The night of September 21? the band sang Earth, Air and Fire, led by Maurice White; in 1978. According to the author of the song, the lyrics are about the memory of a past love that lived through a month of September.

There are other artists who preferred not to be so specific and instead of specific dates preferred to refer to whole months. Some of them are Taylor Swift with August, FEBRUARY there September by Luna Key, Augustof Bad Bunny; Decemberof Tiny; Julyby Noah Cyrus; there November Rainby Guns N’ Roses.

Can you think of another song that could make this list? Tell us!

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