Who wouldn’t love to go on vacation at any time of the year, be it a long weekend, summer or Christmas? Well, that’s precisely what Jason Derulo did.

The singer took a few days off to recharge his batteries with which to return to your projects with renewed air. In recent months he has participated as a jury on the BBC talent show Project iconbut also working on new music and, of course, fun and challenging TikToks.

Last Friday, April 14, he launched Your Your Your junto a banished and, to promote it, the American decided to share a montage with some photos and videos of his stay in Bali, creating a new orient oneself for his fans. But what caught the eye was not the leafy and green forests, but another element of the composition.

“I can’t get enough of this place. I’ll be back on April 29,” he added in the description, adding that he planned to soak up and live with the wildlife of the Indonesian island. for the next years. days.

Among the images, we can see the interpreter of speak vulgarly dressed in palmetto only with a bathing suit and underwear. “He knew exactly what he was doing,” one follower subtly pointed out.

The photo that caused the most noise among his fans is the last one, in which Derulo leaves very little to the imagination. Comments like: “The anaconda is back”, “Be careful with that weapon”, “who else tried to zoom”, “the trunk of the elephant is not the only important thing”.. .are just some of the reactions that can be read on Instagram reels.

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