A little over a month has passed since the wedding of the year and the day Lele Pons and Guyna They decided to throw the house out the window. After spending a magical day surrounded by many faces of international and national fame, celebrating their honeymoon with the most romantic photos, it now seems that they have taken the next step in their relationship.

The artistic couple has already shown us that they areYour complicity goes beyond all limits. We saw them sing together in one of their signature songs, you remarkHowever, it is part of their dating and now, with their recent marriage, they wanted to take it a step further and will release a joint album. Yes, a record by Lele Pons and Guaynaa.

It is a studio album consisting of 12 songs what we will call capitulations. As we already knew, there will be eight duets and two solo songs for each. Most important? To everyone’s surprise, you won’t have to wait long to hear it and that same Thursday, April 20, it will already be available, one day later in Spain depending on the time change.

Official tracklist

Along with the cover where they both appear sitting on a gray couch and Lele Pons appears staring at the horizon and Guaynaa at the camera while pointing to her daughter, they also wanted to share official song list who will compose this disc:

  1. From party to party
  2. Abajito
  3. Natural
  4. everything tastes richer
  5. Shooting star
  6. Let’s give him Lele
  7. at the party
  8. the whore turned
  9. Emo Emo
  10. You call me
  11. He moved on to travel
  12. Exclusives

The reactions to the comments were not long in coming. In addition to his fans who received this news with open arms, it was also some of his friends who reacted, however, they did so by betting on their favorite subjects. This onefor its part, ensured that Let’s give him Lele is his “favorite”, while Eliane Gallero assured alongside an emoji with hearts in their eyes that “party to party” He won her heart.

No doubt, twelve songs that just with their big titles already promise to sound in more than one nightclub and that perhaps speak of one of the stages of your life, are we ready?

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