Bread He spent several decades working tirelessly, creating, composing for himself, for Laziness and for other artists. And over the years, the now Madrid soloist has not only not slowed down but stepped it up. After an intense musical period called Cuando te biters el labio that took her around the world into the hands of the best female voices of the Spanish and Latin music scene, the time has come to launch her new recording project.

A new musical adventure which he admitted that he already had several songs recorded, including the first with first and last names which he has already presented in acoustic format: sashimi. A song that exudes the essence of ‘Leiva’ on all four sides and which we will see if it becomes the artist’s future single in 2023. Will it be played during the concerts that the artist has planned for this year? ? Don’t miss your entry!

What is clear is that the Alameda de Osuna musician does not stop. After her concerts, she embarked on the production of Sabina’s new album, participating in the documentary Feeling it lot by Fernando León de Aranoa, which won her last Goya. And then, that of Los Zigarros.

As if all this were not enough, his new superband The Guapos was born from his travels in America, during which he gave free rein to his facet as a drummer. And with the rest of the musicians and producers of this formation, he is already at work with his next studio album.

“In the next studio is Brad Cook, producer of Bon Iver, making a record with an artist I like called Waxahatchee. The drummer is the son of Jeff Tweedy. In the other studio is also the producer of Neil Young, Young and extremely talented. We have been very lucky with our neighbors. We usually meet in the kitchen or in one of the communal dining areas. We talk, listen, learn and our hearts beat of joy here. I record what I can with a Super 8 camera from the 70s that I brought. I give a lot of embers with the subject, but captures beautiful moments. We have four songs recorded. I wrote one a few days ago, and I think it’s the one that got me the most excited. “Sashimi” it’s called. I sang it a little too hoarse, but I think the sandpaper worked well,” Leiva posted on her official Instagram profile.

A recording that is not free from anecdotes: “The day of our arrival, they held me for several hours at the Juarez border. They put me in a room with three alleged traffickers handcuffed to a chair next to She cried a lot while they read her their rights. It really broke my heart. The other two knew the codes by heart. Maybe that’s why they were calmer. The problem in my case had to do with a mistake in one of my passport numbers. And they didn’t like me, wow. Petty Officer Rivera took my fingerprints and took pictures of me while “Dangerously dark” was playing in the room. It didn’t sit well with them that I was a musician and came to record a record. I lost some tension the voice still gets to me. But taking the family around the world is the best antidote to turn any unpleasantness into laughter.Pop and Fede accompany me.I give thanks to life for having these two divine beings always close. I see them laughing at breakfast while eating spicy huevos rancheros and I quickly get sick.

His album, in addition to being analog, also has a traveling character: “It’s 4:12 am I know the roof of this room of Sonic Ranch, my favorite studio in the world. We are in Tornillo, a small town in the Texas desert. I was very happy in this place, that’s why I shouldn’t come back. But it inspires me and gives me back the illusion, sometimes tired. Sonic Ranch is a temple to the best vintage gear you could dream of. Everything I love is here. The console we use, for example, is a Neve that Prince bought from Motown. It is only with this that one stands tall and enters another dimension. We decided to record in analog. On tape, the old fashioned way. It’s another way of experiencing the process. Everything is much slower and more laborious, but there is something in this way of working that moves me and compensates me. An almost imperceptible fatness in the sound which, for me, makes the difference. You have very few or almost no options to catch up on anything you’ve saved. It’s about living with failures and recording the mind. Embrace perfectionism. There is no Control-Z here. I record new material on the go. As I travel cities and countries on tour, I travel a few days before and join friends in studios. The clever old formula of spending two months totally removed and obsessed in one place wouldn’t work for me at this point in my life. On this occasion, I share the adventure with my friend Adán, accomplice of The Guapos, and excellent bass player and Mexican-Parisian producer. Fix uswky for friends. He carries the music well in him since he was a child. His father, the versatile director Alejandro Jodoroswky, bequeathed to him this sensitivity for any artistic discipline. His first chords were taught to him by George Harrison! It makes me feel good to live with him,” Leiva confessed.

His new recording project promises to give a lot to say.

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