One more Tuesday Survivors: No Man’s Land, one of the four nominees breathed easy after knowing he was saved. On this occasion, they faced the ceremony of the salute Asraf Beno, yaiza martin, Adara Miller there Katerina Safarova.

The name he gave Laura Madrueno continue to be nominated was that of Yaiza, the girlfriend of Gines Correguela and latest addition to the contest. We already know that being late is devastating.

The second name he gave was that of Asraf who will face expulsion next Thursday. It was between Adara and Katerina. “One who wants to stay and another who is not so clear“, assured the facilitator.

“Viewers have decided that she should continue to be nominated or nominated, Katerina,” she said much to the delight of Adara, who was jumping and screaming in delight. And like, he celebrated with his good friend Asraf.

“Thank you very much. You motivate me to continue in this competition, you give me a lot of strength. This is for you, we compete togetherThank you very much,” she said aloud and full of emotion.

For the third week in a row, Adara was able to check the great support she has outside. Adaristas do not fail and week after week they are there to show her that they are ready to keep her in the contest.

Elena’s speech

This salute came after the allegation he made Elena Rodriguezhis mother, on a very commented set because he shared a complaint and a request.

“They don’t know me for disrespecting my partner and cheating on him during pregnancy,” he commented. Manuel Cortes during an argument with Adara. An outburst that many blamed her for and that Elena did not want to ignore.

“This is the third or fourth time I’ve heard a comment referencing something that happened in another competition that my daughter felt in. People aren’t to blame for how we feel. Sorry and period. That’s what he spent it on, he’s been paying for it for a long time. She’s being judged as a mother and that seems fatal to me. I’m sick of women being judged as mothers for the acts we do. It’s one thing to be a mother and another thing is our life independently. Enough, please, enough,” he said, referring to his relationship with Gianmarco Onestini In Big brother and receive applause from the audience.

It is clear that mother and daughter know how to attract the good graces of the public.

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