After a round of controversy, ARTPOP closed a cycle with confirmation that there will be no second volume. The most fateful album of Lady Gaga —to this day, she herself continues to be unaware of her existence on some occasions—she has been through all sorts of situations that have not fully exploited the phenomenon she promised to be; but the hope of a second part changed everything.

The nature of what was Gaga’s fourth album opened the door to brand new material that continued to explore pop as it did back then, but his complicated past put him in doubt. Additionally, the artist’s facet as an actress continues to strengthen—she seems more focused on her film roles, as she demonstrates with her Harley Quinn—so it seems unlikely that, if she returns to the music, it goes to an already released album.

Even so, all the will to do so fell on whoever was the producer of the original record, white shadow dj. With topics like Jewelry and Drugs, Applause oh manicure under his signature, the little monsters found in him quite a claim when it came to continuing to hear about this new version. However, his latest update is the most emphatic:

Using his personal Instagram account, the composer also updated that he was disassociated from the project. “I will speak no more of ARTPOP. I’m officially done. Don’t ask me. Do not talk to me about it.” He left pictures of his stories in which there is barely the text. Undoubtedly, a clear reference to the fact that he was always the only one who responded to New Yorker fans about the project, which was never confirmed.

There was a time when the massive purchase of the album had Gaga talking about herself on social media. “The purchase request ARTPOP for a second volume has inspired immense warmth in my heart. Making this album was like heart surgery, I was desperate, I was in pain; and I gave my heart to electronic music, it hit my heart like any drug I could find”, released, stoking rumours.

However, this latest decision from his producer seems to confirm that there will be no possibility of anything else. Because, as if that weren’t enough with the emphatic message of his networks, he also deleted the posts that were related to the album, a work he always seemed to believe in. Now of course There doesn’t seem to be a chance of that happening. although that no longer worries fans.

Thanks to the years that have passed – in 2023 it will be a decade since its release – it doesn’t seem like fans are expecting it; also reckoning that he also created success Chromatics behind the. Either way, whether it’s salvaging old works or starting new ones, Gaga’s musical future is a mystery.

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