The 1 of Spanish television bet big con The promise (Bamboo Productions) and won. Public television has replaced serve and protecta classic of its afternoons broadcast without interruption for seven seasons, for a new period of fiction which, maintaining the classic lineage of evening soap operas, was able to include innovative elements that ended up retaining the audience that they already had with his detective series and also, attract new followers.

So much that The promisesince its creation on January 12, 2023, it has continued to break audience records, even exceeding at times love is forevera heavyweight on Antena 3 that has been on the air since 2013 and has had a large fan base for a decade.

The average audience of The promise It is growing month by month, and although it started with 9.1% screen share, it is already over 11%, with more than 1,030,000 daily viewers who, if the trend continues, could still be more in the coming months. And it is that, for The promise He still has a lot of fabric to cut, because, as public television revealed a few weeks ago through the response to a petition addressed to the government transparency portal prepared by El Confidencial, for now, TVE has contracted with Bambú, the producer of the 122-episode format for a first season.

A new season and heading to Italy

Does this mean that from April 17 to The promise more than 48 episodes to play? The answer is no, because, although at the moment RTVE has not made any statement in this regard, Deadline magazine has confirmed that the series created by Josep Cister Rubio has been renewed for a second season and this means that It will contain approximately 122 additional episodes which will be added to the 122 currently being filmed.

In addition, the American media specializing in cinema and television has announced that the daily TVE series will also be able to be seen in Italy from the end of this same year 2023 thanks to an agreement between the Spanish producer, Studiocanal and Mediaset Italia.

Specific, The promise It will be seen, in the afternoon, on Canale 5, the main open channel of Mediaset Italia, although it cannot be ruled out that in addition it can also be seen on Rete 4, a secondary channel of the giant of communication aimed at adult and senior audiences in which emblematic titles of our country have been broadcast, such as Bandolera, El secreto de Puente Viejo and other international telenovelas such as the Venezuelan Entre tu amor y mi amor.

Bamboo hits the bull’s eye with a throwback

Although TVE risked a drastic record change after the end of serve and protect Betting on a series a little more expensive than the detective format, finally the public entity and Bambú Producciones hit the nail on the head with a period series. And it is that, although acacia 38 produced by Boomerang TV swept public television, the last three attempts by La 1 and its audiovisual partner in Pozuelo de Alarcón before this fiction filmed at El Rincón Palace by Tamara Falcó, were unsuccessful.

In Gran Reserva: the originEast six sisters, In of lives, all period fiction produced by Bambú and broadcast by TVE, have managed to establish themselves in Spain. However, the intriguing and power struggle-laden format it offers The promise, Yes. Is it because of the distribution? Because of the script? Or simply because of when it airs? We don’t know, but the truth is it works, it works!

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