Blanca Paloma surprises by interpreting EA EA With a violin bow!

Blanca Paloma surprises by interpreting EA EA With a violin bow!

white dove sweeps the last preparty of Eurovision. The meeting took place in amsterdam and highlighted the potential of the Spanish candidate. Its greatest advantage, apart from its prodigious voice, is its ability to move the audience, in addition, it is a show that is enormously different from the others.

This show is a mix of tradition and modernism, fuses Spanish folklore with the new sounds and this was perfectly understood in the last concerts of London and Amsterdam where the artist started the performance by playing the electric guitar with a bow. An unprecedented image, since very rarely, if not almost never, has an artist been seen playing the guitar in a standing position, strumming the strings with a violin bow. The electric is generally played in a horizontal position and plucked with the fingers or with a pick, never with a violin bow. With this gesture, she first caught the attention of the public, who did not hesitate to immediately applaud the Spanish interpreter.

During the concerts preceding the big night, white dove makes a big promotion showing his versatility as an artist. This is how he proceeds since he won the Benidorm party with the electronic version of EAEA, but he also demonstrated it with the acoustic version of the song festivalthe end a cappella Barcelona or the extended departure to Tel Aviv.

In addition, she visually appears with an open dress with a voluminous and white texture. On the other hand, the fabric has an embroidered pattern that perfectly defines the intention of the show. Blending the classic with the modern, fusing the simplicity of the traditional with the complexity of new influences. All his performances are metaphors, a violin bow representing classical music with the electric guitar. Incredible management.

For this reason, Blanca Paloma lives up to the expectations and the legacy she left Chanel. A proposal that promotes the traditional roots of the music of our country taken in the field of international musical consumption as the public of Eurovision.

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