Spring is here. That time of year when nature explodes and shows us its unique beauty. What will also explode is the world of animesince this season is coming to us”Wonderful Megumin Explosion”. This series is a “KonoSuba” spin-off featuring Megumin, a character so popular that even has its own figure not suitable for all budgets.

Today I come to talk to you about when and where exactly can we see the first chapter of “Wonderful Explosion Megumin”. Are you signing up to see the premiere of this anime? Well, do not lose detail in the data that I leave below!

Megumin Wonderful Explosion EP 1 date and time

Here is all the information about it:

  • Date: Wednesday, April 5.
  • Hour: We still don’t know the exact time, but I will update the news when we have the information.
  • Or by the Jonu Play platformwho have the anime simulcast.
KonoSuba Megumin

And here is the information on the Premiere of “Wonderful Explosion Megumin”he spin off of “Kono Suba”. What do you think of this anime? Is this going to be one of your favorites of the spring season? I invite you to talk about it in the comments.

Before finishing, in case you are a bit lost with KonoSubaI leave you some articles that can be very useful. we explain in what order to watch all this anime. The other, where can we see it In Spain.

Schedules of other anime

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