What could be better than introducing a new character class to Black Desert Console? Well, at the same time introduce a new season with its corresponding rewards. After the Wusa arrived on PlayStation and Xbox last December, Pearl Abyss is now releasing its twin sister to bewitch Black Desert gamers. Maegu, the Master of Do of the Jwado School, will take your soul with the power of the fox from April 5th, for free.

From a Maegu fox amulet
The Maegu has a series of moves and combat abilities that would make any enemy spin and run. Abilities like Spirit Prison allow him to cast his Vulpine Amulet and interrupt his opponent’s movements, giving them a chance to plunge his Binyeo Dagger into their chest. You can also take a stealthier, more cunning approach by using the Fox Goddess: Illusion ability; with it, the Maegu creates a double that she can move freely in the midst of battle to confuse her enemies. No matter what type of combat you want to use, you’ll have a great time with the Maegu on the battlefield.

New class, new season, new rewards
The new Black Desert Console Season servers serve to create an optimized battlefield for new characters, giving all players the opportunity to develop their characters on an equal footing. Of course, these servers will only be available until the end of the season in question, so start playing now!

Season Servers also offer a number of benefits, such as stage-based rewards, 24-hour experience bonuses, special Season Challenges found in the Season Pass, and awesome rewards when getting of the character diploma.

A novelty in this season is fishing. Yes, fish! Adventurers will have the ability to trade exclusive fish that only appear on Season Servers for items to enhance their characters. By fishing on the season servers, players will not only get useful items, but also combat experience!

Maegu is coming with great in-game offers
Console players will also be able to take advantage of the big spring sales on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, with three different discounted bundles:

● Voyageur package: €5.99 (80% reduction)
● Explorer Package: €14.99 (70% off)
● Conqueror Package: €29.99 (70% discount)

The discount period for PlayStation bundles will take place between March 29 and April 12, while for Xbox consoles the sale period will run from April 6 to April 20. Additionally, the base game for Xbox will be offered for free from April 6 through April 9.

To learn more about the Maegu’s deadly abilities, visit the official Black Desert console website.

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