Kings League playoff: Porcinos FC vs Aniquiladores FC, quarter-final result for an assist at Camp Nou

Kings League playoff: Porcinos FC vs Aniquiladores FC, quarter-final result for an assist at Camp Nou

Ibai against Juan, a draw that left no fan indifferent, being one of the most beloved teams

The other day, Ibai and Juan were playing golf together. Juan came to Spain only to support the team and qualify for the Camp Nou. Two friends who compete before reaching the most important point of the season. Annihiladores won on penalties in Matchday 10 against Porcinos, although Porcinos could have won had they not seen a controversial goal disallowed. For what, This crossover can be very equal if we take the game they played two weeks ago as a reference..

Two presidents who had their controversial roles during the league of kings and they collided. Only me I hope we see a lot of shouting and resentment among the presidents, but without achieving anything serious that affects their relationship. (Titos, do it)

player 12

  • CF pigs: Brother remains a centerpiece.
  • FC Nullifiers: Nadir It’s still 12.

secret weapon

  • CF pigs: Penalty for Nadir
  • FC Nullifiers: dual purpose

Summary Porcinos FC vs Anniquiladores FC

Porcinos FC (0) 2 – 2 (3) Annihilators FC

First part:

  • Min 9: The goal of Galvanized after a long pass from the Anniquiladores goalkeeper to Bernad at the other end of the pitch, who controlled it spectacularly and left it to Galvany. 0-1 for the annihilators
  • Min 14: pig uses his secret weapon, what is it a sanction for Nadir
  • Min 15: a real nice goal for the whole team Brother Hugo to link the game 1-1
  • Min 17: The goal of Uri Pons from Nullifiers go forward 2-1
  • Min 18: just after the goal Porcinos asks VAR to send off a player by a knee strike on Uri Pons. The referee says that there is nothing
  • Min 18: Annihilators also request VAR ask his team for a foul and try to disallow the goal. whistle that it does not miss
  • Min 18: the die, thrown by the Kun, indicates that he will play 4v4

Second part:

  • Min 25: match Nullifiers with another purpose Galvanized after a real team game in front of the goal of Pigs. 2 way tie
  • Min 36: Nullifiers use your secret weapon, which is the double goal for 2 minutes
  • Min 40: they arrive at hand in hand after no one else has dialed


  • first goal of Nullifiers (0-1)
  • Porcinos fail this hand in hand (0-1)
  • The goal of Nullifiers (0-2)
  • Espinosa misses the shot, which is saved by the goalkeeper Nullifiers (0-2)
  • Nullifiers scores the third goal, making it 0-3
  • the guardian of Nullifiers for the sake of Pigs

Annihilator Ranks and go to Camp Nou and the team Llanos River stay out

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