Counter Strike 2: Are there a lot of cheats already?  – Game News

Counter Strike 2: Are there a lot of cheats already? – Game News

Cheats are already invading the Counter-Strike 2 beta: Valve strikes back with a new anti-cheat

While rumors had been circulating for some time, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community had all but lost hope. to receive a feed update 2. But Valve finally released it when you least expected it. in addition to improving game graphics, this update also brings significant changes to the game’s meta, including the smoke grenade overhaul and the introduction of tickless servers. As the beta has just been released, players are complaining that they’ve encountered cheaters in the game, despite Valve’s strict invite restrictions.

Valve prepares an anti-cheat solution

Things are not looking easy for Valve! In fact, the developer had opened aa beta version for a limited number of players to receive feedback before the full release of the game scheduled for this summer. In addition, their invitation system was based on many factors, including thegame time and steam account status. However, that hasn’t stopped cheaters from gaining access.

Besides, a former CS:GO pro, JasonR, tweetedhe was disappointed after encountering the first cheater in Counter-Strike 2. And that’s not all, a popular cheating company released a video with his new wall and his tricks. Talented and disappointed players also inundated Global Offensive’s subreddit of their complaints about not having access to the limited beta.

Valve has not said its last word! Exactly, the developer even said that he had something in preparation to improve your anti-cheat system in Counter-Strike 2. According to the data miner, Aquarium, Valve plans to launch an anti-cheat system called “ACV Live”, which will cancel a game if a cheater is detected.

While this may be a short-term fix, it won’t solve Valve’s biggest challenge: deal with the problem of cheating in Counter-Strike. Also, implementing anti-cheat measures at the kernel level is unlikely, since Counter-Strike is also available on Linux, which is not compatible with such software.

With Counter-Strike 2 fully launching this summer, Valve will need to find a way to maintain game integrity while providing a fair and fun experience for all players.

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