An exciting game until the last second where El Barrio would attack a lot in the last part of the game

An interesting encounter league of kings. Pigs find it so difficult to stay outside that they can arrive calm. Even so, they have three straight losses and no one wants to end the season in a slump because that can affect the playoffs.

While The neighborhood continues to suffer. They have a difference of ten goals for For what even with ties, they can stay in the top 8 but the best is to win and forget the other results. Adri Contreras has a very suffered closing day.

player 12

No change in Pigs, Brother Hugo He is still in the ranks of the Ibai club. The neighborhood count again Nick Couple a player who has given a very high performance on the occasions he has been at the Cupra Arena.

secret weapon

Pigs would activate his weapon on the minute 12 but it wouldn’t activate until the 14th. They would use a two minute penalty, Juvenal would like to throw José Juan but the goalkeeper cannot be penalized so I would ask to have Nick Couple two minutes outside.

The neighborhood I would wait until minute 33 with equal on the dashboard to activate its dual purpose for two minutes.

Summary of Porcinos FC vs El Barrio

Porcinos FC 5 – 3 El Barrio

White would open the dashboard in less than five minutes. Four minutes later, El Barrio equalized with a Golazo for the Beguer team. With the moment Ubón would complete the return for district Il League Dice would leave the end of the first half with a 6 against 6. The marker did not move throughout the end of this time.

At the beginning of second time Gabriel cichero would throw a missile What would even be the score. During the secret weapon of El Barrio, it would be Uri Pons who would pass Porcinos with 4 minutes remaining. This goal would encourage the entire Ibai team to Uri scored a brace. At the last minute Ubón would add a goal to his score to stay alive in stoppage time. During the throw-in, El Barrio attacked without stopping for 2 minutes but after a foul, Uri Pons would put on his hat trick to condemn the game thirty seconds from the final whistle.

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