Everything we know about The Movie Critic, Tarantino’s latest film

Everything we know about The Movie Critic, Tarantino’s latest film

The famous director is already working on his next project, which will mark the end of his career

Before talking about Quentin Tarantino’s next project it is necessary to clarify the reason why this could be his last film. This statement comes from the director himself, who said in a CNN interview that intends to retire after making 10 tapes. According to the calculations of fans and the press and because of the two parts that make up Kill Bill, Tarantino already has 9 productions. So, if he keeps his word, his next project will also be the last of his career. That being said, below you will find everything we know about The Film Critic:

What will The Movie Critic be about?

  • It has already been confirmed that the next draft of Tarantino It will be a tape titled The film critic.
  • It seems, the script is already finished and the director would look for studios that would invest in it.
  • Most likely, due to the spectacular marketing that could be done with Tarantino’s latest film, there will be a bidding war.
  • Plot details are scarce, but it is known that will tell the life of film critic Pauline Kael.

Tarantino’s final film will be set in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Similar to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it looks like the director is looking to show a significant part of the film industry, this time focusing on the press. In fact, given his love for his most recent output, it’s very likely that The Movie Critic will be some sort of sequel or spiritual successor. It is also very likely that there is fewer action sequences than in many of the director’s other films. At this time, more specific details about its plot and characters are unknown.

When will the last Tarantino film be released?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wrapped filming in November 2018 and was released in July 2019.

As he said himself Tarantino intends to begin filming the film this fall. Unlike other of his most ambitious films such as Kill Bill oh Django Unchained it is very likely that the filming of The film critic be shorter. Based on the recording cycles of other of his productions, such as once upon a time in hollywood we can estimate that It will hit theaters in the summer of 2024.. That being said, this is just speculation because if the project doesn’t seem that complicated, who knows what the talented director is planning.

Elenco from The Film Critic

It would be great to see the actors from Tarantino’s most iconic movies again.

Although the casting has not yet been announced for The film critic, there is no shortage of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Considering this may be Tarantino’s last time directing, chances are he’ll want to work with him again. some of your favorite actors, like Tim Roth, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson. As for its protagonist, if it is Pauline Kael some of the names that grab the most attention to bring it to life are Cate Blanchett oh Molly Ringwald although this could also be the perfect opportunity to goodbye uma thurman on the big screen.

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