Kings League Round 11: xBuyer Team vs Saiyans FC summary and result of the last day

Kings League Round 11: xBuyer Team vs Saiyans FC summary and result of the last day

xBuyer Team gave up on such an important match, which paid off to reach the next phase

Even if The Gregg don’t always win at this league of kings Yes, he is very happy to be qualified for the next phase. Whereas the Buyers must win yes or yes because they have teams hot on their heels.

I do not think that have gray Never Surrender leaves the next phase to The Macarras Since league of kings No? (Very very deep reference). Super game guaranteed where TheGrefg will try to bite the xBuyer which heats up very quickly.

player 12

The xBuyer team found in Fouad a very complete 12 and keep it for the end of the season. SaiyansFor his part, he continues with Joan The cap which will be his last match with TheGrefg team.

secret weapon

The bone Buyer they ask for the secret weapon at the start of part two. A penalty shootout.
Saiyans take advantage of Poch’s expulsion to use dual purpose when they have one more player on the pitch.

Summary of xBuyer Team vs Saiyans FC

xBuyer Team 2 – 1 Saiyans FC

For asking the VAR wrong, The Saiyans lose in the 11th minute with a score of 0-0. Broken very calme until league diceAnd 3 against 3 at the end of the first part. Even with fewer players, the score would not move, but we would have more chances to score.

With him The xBuyer team’s secret weapon, John Poch advances his team by scoring a midfield penalty. The Saiyans use their second WAS in a foul on Feliu who could be red and the VAR determines they are right expelling Joan Poch. During Saiyan secret weapon, Villalba scores second for xBuyer Crew. The Saiyans score a goal that seemed offside but thanks to VAR it goes up the scoreboard and they score 2-1 and they get a goal difference five minutes from time.

xBuyer Team certifies its playoffs with this victory and definitively dismisses 1K FC with this result.

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