These are the market values ​​all players will have in this Kings League month

The transfer window has already started league of kings, the players begin to move. After the attempts at deception and the trickery of the clubs, we already have the market prices of all the players in the Kings League draft. There are prices that do not correspond to the levelbut we shall surely discover its meaning after the first round of clauses.

All Kings League clauses

Saiyan FC Clauses

There feliu clause are suspicioussurely you made a deal or something strange. Carbó will not move nowadays.

FC PIO Clauses


These clauses are based on minutes playedwanting to leave the possibility to the less expensive to show off in other teams.

Jijantes FC Clauses


The bottom team just have to defend their best players: Pol Zapata, Alsina and Ivan. The Quero clause is suspicious but the player may want to leave and that’s it.

FC 1K Clauses


How is this normal strengthen Román and Pluvins at the same time as Ricardo becomes again in the repechage and is very cheap for his good performance.

Barcelona flash clauses


Players of 20 million or less want out, confirmed by Spursito. Pelaz is postulated as the most expensive player behind Edgar Álvaro.

xBuyer Team Clauses


Poch will not move and several million players who can move easily.

FC annihilator clauses


Among the best they distributed the clauses but They left several players very unprotected. Very different clauses for having been finalists. Will there be a deal?

Kunisports Clauses

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Kunisports It is very clear that he wants to maintain a strong bloc or at least get a lot of money for their best players.

Swine FC clauses


killian is lower what Ibai had said because he wants out. Cichero and Uri are the foundations of the future project. Will Segovia evolve with this clause as a goalkeeper?

Final clauses of Móstoles

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Difficult to distribute but they did very well. Even so, DjMariio has been accused of having pacts.

Los Troncos FC Clauses


Edgar Álvaro most expensive player in the Kings League first market. Multiple players at odd pricestrades happen.

El Barrio Clauses


They want to protect Ubón Yes or yes. No one understands Jacoboare The most shameless pact in the whole league.

Even though we are talking about millions, let us remember that this is a virtual economy. Where there will be money is in wages, which will increase. Stay tuned because today there will be changes in the first market window.

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