The expected release of the PC version of the hit title The Last of Us Part I was not what was expected. After the title was postponed in early February, players were confident that the end result would be much better than it is. The state of the game is far from the expected level, as many players have reported performance and technical issues that prevent them from enjoying the adventures of Joel there Elijah. Although Naughty Dog has released a few patches since launch to improve things, the studio apologized, while explaining its next steps to improve it via a thread on its official Twitter account.

In the thread, the Californian studio claims to be aware of all the problems that have arisen and that the development team is working to resolve them. In addition to that, they mentioned some corrective details planned for next Tuesday; a patch that will fix shaking when moving the camera with the mouse, some crashes and other issues. They also recommended that gamers use the latest Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics cards.

Naughty Dog concludes the statement by assuring that “Our team and partners at Iron Galaxy will continue to investigate and fix known issues to deliver the great The Last of Us Part I experience you’ve come to expect.”

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