Jujutsu Kaisen“made developments on his manga that we anime fans, including yours truly, had no idea, but when the internet explodes like it did yesterday… it’s absolutely impossible not to fill in on things. Indeed what happened yesterday in RRSS was that Chapter 221 of the manga “Jujutsu Kaisen” has leaked, which will theoretically be released on April 24, but a long-awaited moment has already been announced: the release of Gojo.

Jujutsu Kaisen Blows Up The Internet With Their Manga Chapter 221

was the fleeing one @King_Jin_Woo3 the one who advanced the images and events of this manga chapter 221, which finally left us with the next sequence of events:

  • In essence, what happens in Jujutsu Kaisen manga chapter 221 is that it finally gets used’Jacob Ladder’, the technique that negates other techniques, to free Gojo from the prison realm he had spent over 100 chapters in. The situation was critical as some sort of final battle against Sukuna and Kenjaku was planned, so Itadori and company made it a priority to get Gojo back.
  • And that’s what he did: Gojo Satoru reappeared in the normal world and the first thing he did was cross four hits with Kenjaku, something that was interrupted by Sukuna. Seeing Sukuna, Gojo taunted him for his retreat against Itadori, making him Uraume I would like to intervene… but simply ate a punch from Gojo to be completely knocked out.
  • Ultimately, it is decided that the final battle between Gojo and Sukuna will take place on December 24, more than 1 month from the current date of the manga. Little is known about what will happen until then, but one thing is clear: Gojo is confident that he will defeat Sukuna no matter what.

As I said, the timing of Gojo’s release was so monumental that even I found out that I neither read the “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga or follow dedicated accounts as such. What I expect to see in the front row will be precisely how do they seal Gojo, because if I’m not mistaken, it’s something that happens during the Shibuya arc that will adapt the second season of the anime. Come on, nothing else, but the hype is rampant today in Gege Akutami’s work.

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