MY.GAMES continues to contribute to the development of the video game industry, launching large-scale projects for the growth and progress of the global developer community. Its flagship program is Game Drive. The third season of Game Drive, led by MGVC, the investment division of MY.GAMES, joins the main market players: Amazon Web Services for Games (AWS for Games), the division of Amazon Web Services dedicated to video games , which joins Google as one of the main partners, along with, various Unity experts and Deconstructor of Fun. Game Drive also adopted a new format, including a series of educational events and creating various networking opportunities, both online and in person, and a year-round call for projects. The first online event will take place on May 11 and the first offline event will take place on May 23 in Malmö, Sweden as part of the Nordic Game Conference.

This new approach will allow more studios to participate in the program and receive free consulting services, including expert assessment, analysis of key indicators, recommendations on step-by-step improvements, as well as advice on implementation. scale and international expansion. These services will be offered by experts from MY.GAMES, Google, AWS for Games,, Unity and Deconstructor of Fun.

Mobile developers with Early Access, Soft Launch, or Global Release games available on Google Play can submit their projects through the official Game Drive website, and the most promising applicants will be invited to exclusive one-on-one sessions aimed at exchanging feedback. These sessions will take place online and on-site. Experts from MY.GAMES, Google, AWS for Games, and Deconstructor of Fun will adapt to each studio’s requirements during these private sessions. Games with the most potential will be able to receive investment from MGVC.

“We launched Game Drive in 2020 with the aim of energizing the mobile gaming ecosystem and providing game developers with the best advice, knowledge and experience, so that their projects can succeed. Today, the industry faces to a number of challenges, and to succeed, developers need to re-strategize and innovate. To kick off Game Drive Season 3, we at MY.GAMES remain true to our mission of supporting talented teams and are excited to partner with key industry leaders such as Google, AWS for Games, and Deconstructor of Fun, together with Unity experts.This time we have significantly expanded our business acceleration program, preparing content and tools tailored to the needs of today’s mobile game developers, and we encourage all studios, big or small, to participate in Game Drive.” commented Elena Grigoryan, Director of Strategy at MY.GAMES.

“We are delighted to continue supporting talented mobile game developers in collaboration with MY.GAMES through the Game Drive program. For its third season, the project accelerator is offering a new format that will offer participants enhanced support, meeting their needs and giving their projects the means to succeed in the extremely competitive mobile game market. We believe Game Drive will be a game-changer for game developers, and we look forward to helping them grow and grow globally,” said Vasiliy Pamukhin, Head of Games Industry at Google. .

“The best video games today are those that are fun to play and are meant to grow from the moment they launch. AWS for Games paves the way for all developers to build, run, and create amazing experiences for all gamers. with a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. The AWS Cloud frees up developers’ time by providing solutions for all phases of their game development, from creation tasks to predicting player sign-ups, churns, and retention using analytics and machine learning. At AWS for Games, we help create the best games in the world, and we’re excited to support MY.GAMES Game Drive participants on their journey to global success” , said Liam McClary, General Manager, AWS for Games EMEA.

Game Drive online events will include educational sessions and panel discussions on the most relevant industry topics (such as game design, marketing, production and real-time operations), case studies and AMA sessions, which will provide insights and opportunities to chat live with leading industry experts from Google, AWS for Games,, and Unity. The first online event will take place on May 11 and is open to any developer who wishes to register.

The face-to-face events will be held in collaboration with major industry conferences, and the first will take place on May 23 in Malmö (Sweden), as part of the Nordic Game Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with top experts from MGVC, Google, AWS for Games,, and Unity, receive detailed information about their projects, and discuss potential investments onsite. Registrations are now open on the Game Drive site.

Game Drive was launched, in collaboration with Google, in 2020 with the aim of helping emerging game studios scale their projects and expand internationally. In the first two seasons, MGVC and Google received over 100 requests from developers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, helping many studios scale their projects and reach international markets.

Developers can apply to join Game Drive 3.0 and see the full list of criteria by following this link.

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