At the Teatro La Latina in Madrid, you can see the show of The faults con Carlos Cuevas, Fish Dolls there Star Xtravaganza. And they had a very special session that allowed us to see the baptism as a drag queen of Juan del Val.

Yes, the husband of Nuria Roca was transformed to show us on his show, The rockhis acting skills. The La Roca journalist who was assigned to cover such a spectacle asked him how he got involved for it. “I think that I was the one who ruined them because I really wanted to do this. I had to get it out of the inside, ”assured Juan.

You’re going to shit your paw“, told him Pupi Poisson during his first appearance on stage. And of course, Nuria Roca, in the audience without missing a detail of the show. Juan did not hesitate to send her a kiss.

The transformation

The cameras slipped into the dressing rooms to see how the makeup transformation of the writer took place. Before she was ready, she would come back on stage and then they would ask her for a drag name. Calamity of Juanitahe said. But in the audience, they had other options: wicked jane, Yes he!…but eventually they ended up with Joan the Rock.

Juan’s face when he sees his transformation in front of the mirror is the same one many have been left with. Nuria Roca couldn’t stop recording her performance with her mobile phone. And it’s that seeing him made up, wearing his hair and dressed as a woman is something that we will hardly ever see again… or not, it seems that he liked it.

The game

“I’m amazed, I loved it,” said his wife, seeing him sing and move to the rhythm of flowers of Miley Cyrus. And we don’t know which was better, either to see him transformed or to check that he is not bad at moving with heels.

“With this report by @imaginatelon that we broadcast today on @larocalasexta I end this experience…Here is the preview and the performance… Thank you for your comments! ,” he wrote on his social media.

“I had fun and it was short, this is my recap of last night Approaching this world has been a wonderful experience I did it with all the respect in the world and as little shame as possible”, he shared the day before being able to see this performance in The rock. And he pretended it wasmy first (and last) ) drag at night”.

“AT THE TOP!!! ,” he shared. rubio pillar. “Wonderful!” he added. Elena Furiase.

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