Last Monday, May 1, Cadiz said goodbye to one of his favorite sons, John Boulanger. The American may not have been a name on the front page of Hollywood productions he took part in, but without him such beloved and memorable scenes as the one with the giant stone ball that chased the Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Baker moved to the town of Trebujena in Cadiz just before the 1990s, when Spielberg chose these places for The Empire of the Sun. He fell madly in love with the area, or so it seems after more than three decades of living there; a stay that ended up earning him the title of Adoptive Son of the place.

In fact, he was so popular in the area that his death was announced by the mayor of the commune himself, Ramon Galan. The politician did not hesitate to offer his condolences, emphasizing his career, as well as his remarkable passage in the town. Moreover, he did not want to miss the opportunity to send his greetings to his loved ones:

“This morning we woke up to the sad news of the death of John Baker, a person who came to our town in 1987, with the filming of Steven Spilberg’s Empire of the Sun, and stayed in our town for always, becoming a trebujenero plus, he was even named adoptive son of Trebujena in 2008. A truly endearing person and much loved among all. A very strong hug for his family, especially Isabel and John Baker Jr. RIP”, wrote the mayor. To her, He attached two photos of the effects expert.

A legacy of particular

Although I chose Andalusia to live, Baker has not disconnected from Hollywood. His work, beyond this scene reproduced in Indiana Jones, crosses the universes of star wars – where there is another remembered sequence, the destruction of the Death Star – and the recent Dunes. But his relationship with Spain was not just for living: he also worked with Enrique Urbizu In everything for the dough. Undoubtedly, a most remarkable work in which his talent had already earned him a place in the industry.

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