The mayor now wants to deepen a dialogue with the residents of the city

Mayor Jessica Ancona is seeking re-election in El Monte to improve job opportunities and the environment, address the housing crisis, and strengthen public safety.

The professor who graduated from the University of California explains that “the cornerstone of my career has been advocating for families and working with them; I have focused on improving the quality of life for families, whether in the classroom, on the school board, or at city hall.”

On her re-election, Mayor Ancona now wants to deepen a dialogue with the residents of El Monte.

She thinks that only by meeting those who live in the city will she achieve “and guarantee a cleaner and safer community, a more environmentally conscious City with more open green spaces, a thriving commercial atmosphere and a comprehensive effort to address the lack of living place; to get more housing, for everyone”.

Ancona, born in El Monte to Mexican immigrant parents from the Yucatan, who still live in the city, remembers that she had her first term as mayor as a litmus test, she brought the city forward by taking office in the middle of the pandemic, although she was infected and it took him some time to recover.

In addition to guiding the city through the most difficult period of the pandemic, Mayor Ancona had to guide the city through another difficult period four months ago when an armed individual, at the end of a pursuit by the California Highway Patrol ( CHP) fatally shot two local police officers.

Officers Michael Paredes and Joseph Santana of the El Monte police, as well as the suspect, perished in the confrontation.

By running for re-election, Mayor Ancona now wants to “improve public safety by bridging the gap between our officers and our community.”

The mayor said that she intends to “ensure that families in El Monte can live safely and healthy in her city, by implementing programs that reduce the increase in crime that was observed during the pandemic throughout the country.”

Regarding environmental care, another of the official’s priorities, she wants to “have a greener El Monte, by making our city more energy efficient, reducing our carbon footprint and creating opportunities for cleaner air by adding more trees.” and green spaces.

In her first term as mayor, Ancona pushed through a plan to plant more trees throughout the city, to provide shade and to mitigate both extreme temperatures and air pollution, which also improves the physical and mental health of El Salvador residents. Mountain.

The mayor also plans to prioritize hiring local workers, living wages, as well as reducing homelessness and working with the state and federal government to make more housing available in the city.

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