Workplace Flower Delivery

Workplace Flower Delivery Etiquette to Consider

Sending flowers is a great way to make someone feel special and cherished. You can go and look at the best flower arrangements click.

However, if you are planning to surprise someone with a lush bouquet while they are at work, there are certain fine aspects to be considerate of before translating thoughts into actions.

Some people hate surprises, others will never want to become the center of attention in their office and get tons of questions concerning the bouquet. And while you may have the best intentions of sending a floral arrangement to someone’s place of employment, the biggest consideration is to be sure that the recipient will not be mad with such a gesture of yours.

Whether you are sending a floral arrangement to an office right at the corner or arranging an international flowers delivery, here are things to consider if you do not want to put the recipient in an awkward position in the eyes of their co-workers.

Flowers for Colleagues

In many companies, corporate policies encourage HR managers to send fresh flowers as the main gift to employees on major life occasions, such as a birthday, anniversary, or professional achievements. When you are planning to send a bunch of blooms to your office mates, think of it as a gesture of paying respect to the person’s contributions to the company’s success.

To emphasize your appreciation of a colleague’s commitment to the office, you can also add a personalized card to the flowers. It is important to avoid sending red roses to individuals who may misconstrue this behavior and regard it as your declaration of love.

Red roses symbolize passion and love and should not be sent to employees or team members because they convey the wrong message. Save yourself from misconstruction by sending mixed flower bouquets. Also, remember that some people may be allergic to flower pollen and fragrances, so pick non-allergic blooms with minimal scent.

Flowers for Business Associates

You may desire to send fresh blooms to your business associate or client on a variety of occasions, including their birthday, the successful outcome of a shared project, their career promotion, etc. It is important to avoid selecting controversial flowers like red roses or sending anything that could be misinterpreted.

If you have been working with your client or business partner for a long time, perhaps, you already know their floral preferences. If you hesitate, consult a florist from whom you are buying a bouquet to recommend you the most appropriate option. Florists are true professionals who are supposed to know all the ins and outs of sending flowers to job sites.

Flowers for Superiors

When sending flowers to your boss for their anniversary or birthday, consult with your team, so you can send the gift together. If you share a personal relationship with your chief, you can send flowers, but this might be seen as an apparent attempt to get in the boss’s good graces.

Sympathy Flowers

Ideally, you should attend the funeral of a deceased colleague. If you cannot do this, send flowers to their home or funeral venue. However, it is important to check with the family to make sure they accept flowers because many people today ask to make donations to charity instead of sending sympathy bouquets.

Get Well Soon Flowers

If your colleague with whom you share a bond gets sick, you can express your care by sending them a cheerful bouquet with a handwritten get well soon card. If you don’t have a close friendly relationship with a colleague, you still can chip in with other co-workers to buy a bouquet from the whole office.

New Baby Flowers

You can send flowers to a colleague who is celebrating the birth of a new baby. You can send lightly scented flowers, but it’s best to confirm the parents’ preferences first. Other gifts can be added to the bouquet to welcome a new life to this world. You can also send flowers to the hospital, but this can be inconvenient for the new mom when she is packing to return home. Therefore, it is better to wait a few days to send a bouquet to a new mother when she is at home.

When You Should Not Send Workplace Flowers

Flowers that carry a strong emotion like love or hatred must not be sent to a person’s workplace. It is also an inappropriate gesture to give coworkers or bosses bouquets for no particular reason.

Mind Flower Colors

The color of flowers should be observed when sending a bouquet to a person’s workplace. Red or pink roses express your adoration and even love, so stay away from this option. If you do want to send a bunch of roses, choose yellow, coral, or gold heads. Mixed-color rose bouquets are also appropriate.