I assure you that I was very surprised to read a few weeks ago that Alauda Ruiz de Azua was the director of It’s you. Yes, the same that succeeded with Five Lobitos in 2022, NOW try your luck in the most commercial cinema with a romantic story of a lifetime. What’s surprising is that after watching the 98 minutes it lasted, I ended up with a smile on my face and wanting more. No, I’m not talking about wanting a sequel or second installments, but desire to know more about this director that the film creates the same for you India further Indiawho shapes a solvent commissioned project.

Imagine that one day you wake up, have your first kiss with a boy or a girl and discover that you can see the future thanks to the gift of clairvoyance. But the future you will have with this person if you continue the relationship. Bad right? What if the only person who could give you a future full of joy was your best friend’s girlfriend? Worse. This is the premise from which It’s you, a film that retains the cachet of Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, while combining a simple but very effective script.

The stamp of Alauda Ruiz de Azúa in Eres tú

Beyond the chemistry between the two protagonists, which is obvious, what I liked about Eres tú is that Alauda Ruiz de Azua it retains its brand despite the script being commissioned. This booklet, written with two hands by Christopher Garrido there adolphe valuemanaged to humanize characters who live their own american romance with dialogues that manage not to embarrass others. One of the great problems of this kind in Spain is that the contact between the protagonists of a romantic comedy is cold and distant because they live situations we don’t believe in and words are said that we wouldn’t say, but the characters of Álvaro Cervantes and Silvia Alonso are like you and me.

Why do I say that Eres tú maintains the seal of Alauda Ruiz de Azúa? Despite his directorial debut with Five Lobitosthe filmmaker clarified how much she likes to flirt with pure and hard realism. Five Lobitos It is precisely a realistic film, which is why we sometimes have the impression of being in front of a painting. AND It’s youwithout being as naturalistic as his beginnings, he maintains this essence in his dialogues.

These three characters will make you have a good time in It’s You

You’re in love (even if it’s late)

I don’t understand how Netflix didn’t release Eres tú on February 14, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. I get that he bet everything on Every Time We Fell In Love, but after all, it was a show and it was a movie.

Controversies aside, I think It’s You is an above average romantic comedy that demonstrates the versatility of Alauda Ruiz de Azúa after receiving a commissioned project and ended up making a very solvent feature film. Besides, he achieves this with protagonists in a state of grace (the chemistry between Silvia Alonso there alvaro cervantes is brilliant, while Gorka Otxoa doing as well as ever) and a storyline that strays from typical trifles to shape a story that could be trueas long as a concession is made with its premise of Science fiction.

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