If you wanted an in-depth Quidditch game, this one aims to become the game itself.

Something that has been much attributed to Hogwarts Legacy is that has no quidditch, the quintessential sport of the magical world where players fly on a magic broom to chase, lasso or shoot different balls and balls. If you have seen a movie Harry Potter, you’ll already know what it’s all about, but the positive side of it all is that No need to worry, Why a totally Quidditch-focused indie game is coming. Her name is Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

yes, come in Hogwarts Legacy, the series of Harry Potter and the newly mentioned new game, the heroic wizard is on everyone’s lips. And there are several things to comment on this title, so we will talk about all the known details for now.

Everything you know about Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

Games Warner Bros. just announced a few minutes ago the existence of this game which is in development, although there are still many details that are unknown. So, I leave you the details which we are going to discuss below.

Images and video

For now,

Release date (and free trial)

For now, It is not known when this game will be released. but they confirmed that free to play in advance with limited demo/beta/trial Or whatever you want to call it.

How to play beta


have confirmed that The game will be released on PC and consoles. but they did not specify which consoles. Of course, due to the level of graphics, I would dare to think that sold on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and most likely Nintendo switch.

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