I help you avoid wasting 2 hours of your life on a movie that doesn’t deserve it

Lots of money, lots of luxury casting, and even more classic movie references, but little noise. This is how Infinite is summed up, a film that now reaches netflix and from which you have to flee immediately so as not to have the impression of wasting your time. Want to know more? In this article you will find all the information related to Infinite and the keys to why it ends up being a totally failed movie.

How is Infinite similar to Matrix?

When you read the synopsis of Infinityyou will be surprised by the resemblance they hide Infinity there Matrix even if its development has nothing to do with it. Evan McCauley he has abilities he’s never learned and memories of places he’s never been. Self-medicated and on the brink of mental collapse, a secret group calling themselves “infinity“comes to her rescue, revealing that her memories are real.

a sin Matrixthe protagonist of Infinity possesses superhuman abilities, the origin of which is not entirely clear. There is also a secret group, in this case called infinitywho comes to his aid. And the aesthetic can be quite evocative of that possessed by the film of Keanu Reeves. Afterwards, Is it worth watching Infinite on Netflix? I will try to answer this question…

Is it worth watching Infinite on Netflix?

There is a review of Infinity I liked it a lot and it fits with what I think of this film: “There are infinitely better things to do than watch ‘Infinite’ (…) The script does not reincarnate, rather it recycles the layered realities of ‘Origin’he said at the time justin changof Los Angeles Times. is precisely Origin another film that Infinite shares parallels with.

Unfortunately, Infinity has no positive qualities: his script is ridiculous, Mark Wahlberg there Chiwetel Ejioford they do what they can with it and perform worse than ever and technically, the film looks like a B series. Did you know that Infinite has been nominated up to 3 times for the Razzie Prize 2021including worst picture and lead actor categories?

Infinite, now on Netflix for you to have your worst nightmares

Eventually, I help you avoid wasting 2 hours of your life on a movie that doesn’t deserve it. Medium Sci-Fi, which premiered in 2021 in First video and now come to netflix After not having convinced anyone. Infinity This is the example of a film that drinks up many references, but doesn’t know what to do with them.

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