Leaked CS2 Beta;  Create offers in offline mode – Game News

Leaked CS2 Beta; Create offers in offline mode – Game News

We didn’t have to wait long for Counter-Strike 2 to appear outside of Steam, probably thanks to one of the beta testers.

counterattack 2 beta leaked and comes with an option to play offline. The title was discovered by user @masterchaerge from Misfortune, who shared a screenshot showing the alleged CS2 files. The Internet user himself did not believe that it was an authentic copy, but he quickly checked its authenticity.

It is not difficult to guess that one of the test participants, which began with the official presentation of the new Counter-Strike, is responsible for the leak. Valve is trying to invite relatively trustworthy Steam users to the beta, but apparently one of the players gave in and shared it with the world.

Of course, CS2 is a game focused on network play. Therefore, downloading the hacked version allows us, at best, to check how the game works and play with bots.

However, this is enough for uninvited players to get a taste of the first of the new features coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after the debut of this update, including new visuals and volumetric smoke (which already generates a lot of excitement). the players). .

remember that beta test of counterattack 2 it will last until the update is released, scheduled for this summer. The beta does not yet include all the new features, which will be added gradually in the coming months.

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