The April Fair in Seville also has its place in Madrid, perhaps it does not have that particular color that the capital of Seville has when spring arrives, but it offers the most varied activities. Some of them he didn’t want to miss A Pantoja that Saturday he went to the Drive-in to enjoy what, apparently, was going to be a quiet night.

The young woman goes with her friends to this emblematic place in the capital and, what seemed a priori to be a night of enjoyment ended in a serious altercation: “It was very heavy, it came as if it were a diva”, says a witness of the show socialite socialite.

As the young man explained, “he tried to sneak with his friends” into the cabins that El Real de Sevilla put in mode and the result was none other than outraged people: “She was very involved”, she said, insisting on this ugly fact which earned her to be dismissed.

“Isa Pantoja is not amused that in the tent where he is with his friends, there are other women recording how he is having a good time and getting very nervous,” he explained exclusively. Apparently the reason for this change in attitude, from joy to indignationcomes when a band records her and it makes her try to throw them out of the cabin.

“Come on, they are coming to blows and party security must intervene and get Chabelita out,” he insisted, adding that there are videos since the people who were there recorded it so that all be seen later.

Isa Pantoja’s version

Dilla close friend of Isa Pi, wanted to give his version of the facts and contrasted the information. As she explained, there were girls recording her very closely and that made Chabelita uncomfortable: “They never come to blows, but there is a confrontation with women who berate Isa. They keep recording and taking pictures while having fun with her friends,” she said.

He also pointed out that Isa tried to put a stop to this fact and had a confrontation. “The organization mediates and they take her out of the cabin not to kick her out, but to go to a quieter place,” she says, downplaying the facts.

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